Lost Soul
My soul is from elsewhere, I am sure of that, and I intend to end up there someday. - Rumi

Founder, designer and curator of Lost Sew'L Organics, Amber Ruth is a self taught seamstress that had a desire to create sustainable clothing that was not only comfortable and functional but also fitting for any lifestyle. She has been designing and creating her own original patterns and organic clothing since 2010, when she started to sell her creations locally and online. Over the years, her creativity has metamorphosed into what you see today while still holding strong to her values of organic handmade products.

Each piece is created from scratch by hand in her small studio located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.  All designs are handcrafted using the highest quality and most ethically sourced organic materials. Some designs are hand dyed and each is created specially for you. This not only guarantees superior quality, but contributes to the one of a kind factor that each piece possess.

One of a kind pieces are released roughly on the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of every month on a first come, first come basis. Please contact for custom order inquires.